November 4th, 2018- 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time

November 6, 2018

Love, The Kingdom, and Voting


State of the Parish Homily 2018

November 1, 2018

Our first annual "State of the Parish" homily. Please also see the printed report HERE.


Baptism into the Kingdom - Homily - Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, November 20th, 2016

November 20, 2016

What brings us into God's Kingdom? Jesus Christ opens the way through the Cross and Baptism, and offers his mercy to keep us close to Him.


Jesus Christ and the Voting Booth - Homily - 2016 Nov 06

November 7, 2016

We can't abandon our faith as we head to the voting booth, rather Jesus Christ and His Church are what we need to take to the voting booth.


Our Faith and the Polls - Homily - 2016 Oct 29

October 31, 2016

How do we vote as Catholics? We must vote as Catholics, with a Catholic Conscience, and seeking to build a just society that advances the Kingdom of God.


The Family that Loves will Save the World from Destruction - Homily - 2016 Oct 23

October 24, 2016

The world is in dire need of families and marriages that are truly sacrificial. This is the antidote to the world, which desires to use and abuse with selfish abandon.


Pro-Life, Pro-Human, Pro-Love - Homily - 2016 OCT 02

October 2, 2016

Why are we pro-life? Because we are pro-human and pro-love. When we allow abortion and other attacks on the dignity of life from conception to natural death, we turn others into objects to be used, not loved. There are so many that have been hurt by abortion, and there is hope for them to find healing and peace. To find post-abortion healing and peace, contact Rachael's Vineyard at